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Here at the Heartson Wijn – Online Communications Agency, we are blending the igniting formula for your online success

Web Design & Development

Put simply, web design is your interface with the internet. It is your public image; the first thing people will interact with before they see or hear you. First impressions always matter and are not forgotten, which is why it is crucial to have an image that is consistently appealing and easy to access on all devices.


Mobile App Design & Development

In this fast-paced world, people prioritize convenience. We all have a phone, if you can reach your audience on theirs you will be closer to their needs. Tailor your app to the needs of your clients and not just for marketing safe. At the Web Design & Software Development Laboratory we know that just having an APP will not in itself help you gain visibility.


Online Store Design & Development

You handle your logistics and we, here at the Web Design & Software Development Laboratory design a virtual space where your clients can easily find and buy your products & services. Convenience is the biggest perk of online stores, it allows consumers to shop from anywhere at any time. Where else can your customers shop at midnight in their pajamas?


Online Personal Branding

In this competitive world having a personal image is more and more important. This has nothing to do with ego or pride, having a strong personal brand is all about helping your business. This will also project a stronger image toward your clients, partners, colleagues and employees. We also make sure to link your personal page with all sites and social media accounts related to you and your business.


Online Business Advisory

You have wide expertise on how to run your business, however the online environment requires a very different skill set. Consumers behave in different ways and sometimes it is difficult to learn what you need to reach them properly. We are here to provide you with advice and recommend the right steps for you so that you can have excellent results without wasting time or money.


Social Media Marketing

Building a solid foundation for your business is key for the future of your business. The main pillar of this foundation is a very well-made & managed website. A great social media presence will do wonders to reinforce this pillar to withstand the adversities of your business life. Weaving strong connections between social media and your website not only will you be able to withstand hardship but you will also thrive in the online environment.


Content Creation (Copywriting)

The success and quality of your social media pages depends on how interesting and exciting your content is. Good content will help your audience, clients & friends come back to hear more about your industry, team and company.
We provide the best content creators & writers who will help you share your story online and win the attention of your audience.


Video Marketing

The world is full of information and most of it is written. People are busy and in a hurry. While most people will not have the patience to read a crowded page, everyone loves watching a good video. We are here to help you create videos where we the information is digestible, nicely presented and easy to remember!


3D Video & Virtual Reality

The next level of video editing is to simulate the reality and the dimensions of the concepts you are planning to release in the market. People generally have a pretty poor imagination. You can help them realize what you are going to do and how it’s going to look. 3D Video and Virtual Reality is the world we are building for the future.

"Did not expect such a good job, but the creative potential inside the team surpassed my expectations"
Stefan Baums
General Manager, Mercury Brand Mission
"Always impressed by the combination of crazy, fun, edgy and creative in their work"
Hannes Hofstad
General Manager , Premium Sports Magazines Deutschland
"Like it very much!
Good natured and professional creative team”
Peter Habersack
Marketing Manager, Kuechentreff Romania

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