Creative Thinking – 7 Steps: From Idea to Concept

The wildest plans are constantly unfolding in my head. Every week, as a kind of storm, I come up with a new concept. Always convinced that this is “the chicken with the golden egg”. Don’t get me wrong, my motives have never been supported by price. My motives are for my client to sell and for his company to grow and communicate the right thing to the right client type, not for me to be right.

The concepts I come up with and implement have the similarity that they revolve around connection, authenticity, attention, mindset, movement, awareness, own direction, visibility, growth, approach and above all: experience. In this blog you can read how I deal with this gift and of course you will receive 7 tips to let your creativity flow.

Dealing with a brain that never stands still

Yeah, I feel blessed with a head overflowing with creativity. It also has a downside: it’s very tiring. That’s why I’ve built in two moments every day, to calm my thoughts and create order in the chaos.

That’s how it goes. Every morning I ground myself in an “awareness” 10 minute round, where I am present here and now and observing the exact reality of the present and of my surroundings. This is like a “be present” muscle, and I found it needs to be used to be able to make good decisions and not to deform the information. Then while taking a shower I look forward to the day ahead of me. Who am I going to meet, what is the purpose of the appointment, what does the other person expect from me? And every evening I repeat this ritual. With the difference that now I literally wash the day off in the shower. My impressions, the often gripping stories that people entrust to me. But also amazement about organizational cultures or admiration when people remain seated in a workplace where they are not happy.

Tilt change as a catalyst

I see so much go wrong. And that stimulates my mission: to cause a tilt. How do you effectively create a different sound? Or how to create a communication synergy that has a lasting movement within an organization. So that there is more job satisfaction and higher customer satisfaction within that created identity. This requires a change in the behavior of brand identity, of employees’ identity, a change in the labor market, a change in the management. It’s not due to ideas about how things can be done differently, it’s about creative ideas, implemented in meaningful ways that create meaningful messages. There is still so much to gain.

From idea to concept, 7 tips

How do you make sure your idea becomes a concept. A concept that is seen, heard and appreciated? And how do you make sure that you don’t get stuck? I am a visual communicator but trust me, it is all creativity and creative thinking has two universal points, a beginning, and an end. With these 7 tips, you keep the energy from start to finish to observe, analyze, keep track, innovate and certainly rebel. Because if you keep doing what you always did………………………………… well……

Tip 1: The diary of dreams

Make sure there are plenty of little notebooks scattered around. In your bag, next to your bed, on the toilet or where you often get raids. Golden ideas don’t come into your head at the stroke of 9:00. They arise at the most strange times of the day. When an idea comes in, even if it still sounds bizarre, you write down your imagination. There must be a core in it that will come in handy in a concept later on. Check your blocks once a week to see if you can form a combination of the blanks you have written down.

I like to really write with pen and paper. Are you digitally configured? Use a tool like Evernote or OneNote to collect your ideas. Or use the dictaphone on your phone.

Tip 2: Research and Observe

Go and investigate! Is there a concept like the one you had in mind? Don’t be disappointed if there is already an entrepreneur who does more or less what you had in mind. Great minds think alike. Observe that way of working. Look where the holes are. Innovate and make your concept better. How? Just by doing it. Or investigate whether you can take steps faster through cooperation.

Do you have a name for your plan? Check if the domain name is still available and claim it immediately. The investment of € 5,- per year is a joke when you realize your concept.

Tip 3: Find the niche that suits you best

Not everyone is your client. There are people who never want to work with you. Because there is no click. And there are people you don’t want to work with. For the same reason. Focus on a niche that suits you. What you know a lot about, what you want to work for. Observe and discover the question or need of your target group.

And then… you make sure you become the best. That you are the expert in your field. So that your target group can’t get around you.

Tip 4: The biscuit check

I often ask myself, it can’t be that this doesn’t exist yet, can it? I’m not crazy, am I? So do the cookie check with your real friends. Listen to their feedback and advice. They also have a network that can be of added value for the launch of your concept. Also very important. Feel free to ignore all those advices if you do believe in your concept.

Tip 5: Sealed with a KISS

This time that kiss stands for simplicity: Keep It Short & Simple. Start with the basics of your plan. I’m a big thinker. Realize that your foundation needs to be stable. Building and expanding is easier than taking a step back. The simplicity of your concept helps people understand what you do. This is important because it allows them to remember your concept and to pass it on to their network.

Tip 6: A pilot never fails

When you bring a concept to the market, you introduce it as a pilot. Nobody is surprised when the test phase is not immediately successful. Learn from your mistakes and get the teething troubles out of it. Dare to be stubborn, because if you please the whole world, you’ll be the loser. Promise me and especially yourself one thing: go through! You MUST fall eight times, you MUST get up nine times!

Tip 7: Where is the party?

You’ve secured your concept from A to Z. The countdown can begin, you are going to launch your concept. The tension is rising. How will the outside world receive your concept? How will they react to your ideas? Do you really achieve the results you have already seen 100,000 times in your head?

Whatever the outcome: celebrate the fact that you have succeeded in turning your creative ideas into a plan. So many people get stuck in their ideas. So make a conscious decision to make time for a party, buy a bottle of champagne. Treat yourself and those who have contributed to your concept to cakes.

Always remember: any time that KISS stands for simplicity: Keep It Short & Simple. Start with the basics of your plan. I’m a big thinker. Realize that your foundation needs to be stable. Building and expanding is easier than taking a step back. The simplicity of your concept helps people to understand what it’s all about.

Now you

Does something tickle on you and you have no idea what’s the best next step to take? Don’t worry, call me or send me an e-mail. Make use of my knowledge and skills. Then together we will make your concept come true. Bring me and my team in as your partner in crime: We are already looking forward to that pastry!