Personal development! Do you invest enough in yourself?

While half of Romania is busy figuring out and planning a (well-deserved) summer holiday, I’m worried about the other half. Day in and day out I hear the most poignant stories. People who have worked for the same employer for years. And after a reorganization, they suddenly find themselves out on the street. Without any idea how to apply for a job in 2018. Or others who see their unemployment benefit coming to an end. So restless because they have to apply for social security benefits. At least, if they don’t have any equity. Because then you can eat your hard-earned savings first. Goodbye, carefully built up financial security.

In this post, I challenge you to invest in yourself. Because not only do you earn that, but it also pays for itself. It pays off to start you personl development journey and starting your personal brand!

The hard daily reality of a job seeker

I got hit by the blog: Oh, I’m so tired, written by Els Boer. All recognizable for job seekers, I’m afraid. Because yes, I recognized myself when I was in a similar situation a long time ago.

Els aptly describes how the job seeker continuously adapts himself. To stand out, to be seen, to be invited and once at the table to (have to) convince the other of your knowledge and skills. This takes an incredible amount of energy. It makes you very tired. A vicious circle is born in which you lose more and more energy and self-confidence.

How much do you invest in yourself?

Do you know the statement: “If you do what you always did, you get what you always got”? Stop repeating all that effort and energy that doesn’t lead to your desired result. Stop adjusting yourself. Start investing in yourself today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

A test. Grab a pen and paper and make two columns. Write the answer to these questions in the left column.

How much time do you spend each day looking for work?

Or if you do work, how many hours a week do you work on average?

How much money have you spent on material things in recent months? So clothes, bags, shoes, cushions, flowers, books, chocolate, appliances and so on.

How much time do you spend on others per week? By helping, annoying, or forming an opinion about others.

Now write down the answers to these three questions in the right column.

How much time a day do you spend relaxing? Things that don’t cost you energy, but that give you energy.

How much money have you invested in yourself in recent months? By buying training, coaching. Or acquiring knowledge or insights?

How much time do you spend on yourself per week? To stay mentally and physically fit?

PS: This test is also valuable if you do have a job or are an entrepreneur. Discover whether your life is in balance or whether you are doing yourself a disservice. And to be honest, I immediately booked a minibreak last weekend, because the balance was also very hard to find for me.

Are left and right in balance? Congratulations! You are on the right track. Is the accent on the left column? Congratulations! For you there is still a lot to gain.

3 tips to make it easier for you to put yourself in first place

Tip 1: Create your feelgood list

Schedule an hour off in your calendar and sit in a nice spot with a notebook. Provide a pleasant environment. Music not too loud, phone silent, doorbell off. In the coming hour, write down all the activities that will give you a lot of pleasure. To stimulate yourself, always put a dot in your head for the next activity. Even if it doesn’t occur to you right away. Think also of things you used to do with great pleasure. Anything that gives you energy or a smile belongs on your feel-good list!

Put at least one activity of your feel-good list on your planning every day.

Tip 2: What does this mean for me?

Are you that easy to get excited about? Have you said yes before you thought about the consequences of your yes for yourself? Make an agreement with yourself that your fixed answer to proposals is: I’ll think about it for a while and come back to it later. In this time of reflection, you ask yourself these questions: Do I want this? Can I do this? What are the consequences for me?

Do you find that difficult? Remember that by taking care of yourself you can help others better and longer. That’s why you first put on your own oxygen mask on an airplane, before you put on your child’s oxygen mask.

Tip 3: I don’t have the money for that (I’m not worth it).

Of course, it’s wise to consider what you’ll get in return for your investment. But every entrepreneur knows: the costs are for the benefit. So don’t call out right away that you don’t have any money. You are worth it!

Be honest with yourself. Investing is exciting. It is a sacrifice in time and/or money for the benefit of a goal that you will only achieve in the long(er) term. And our reptilian brain is programmed to go for the quick reward. But if you do what you always did…

Working together on your work?

Are you ready for a different way of thinking? A different approach to applying? Do you have guts? Then it’s time to take matters into your own hands and invest in yourself in this way. Pretty exciting, but oh so nice at the end of the day.

And a last tip, while you are reinventing yourself, it is better to have it organized and start your personal branding adventure about which you can learn more here, and also create a personal website with us, and be ahead of the job market.