Content Creation (Copywriting)

Content Creation (Copywriting)

The success and quality of your social media pages depends on how interesting and exciting your content is. Good content will help your audience, clients & friends come back to hear more about your industry, team and company. We provide the best content creators & writers who will help you share your story online and win the attention of your audience.

Copywriters do not take care of copy rights

A copywriter is a person in charge of writing the text used for advertisements in magazines, online stores, web sites, social media, newspapers, television, radio and other kinds of media. A copywriter may also be assigned to come up with the words for blog articles, press releases, informational or promotional activities, and other written materials. Also a copywriter may be in charge of rewriting older messages and campaigns. Thus, our copywriter is very important for you! It’s difficult to find a good one!

Other things we think you should know

We will remind you often and we will advise you anytime it's needed about the important aspects listed bellow. Be aware of them.

• Write Powerful Headlines
• Make It easy to read fast
• Be concise in your words
• Use Short Words
• Avoid Jargon and Corporate Speak
• Use credible sources

• Create a Feeling of Urgency
• Always use Positive Language
• Balance Text with Images
• Make it Feel like a Conversation
• Tell a Story
• Include Emotion

"Did not expect such a good job, but the creative potential inside the team surpassed my expectations"
Stefan Baums
General Manager, Mercury Brand Mission
"Always impressed by the combination of crazy, fun, edgy and creative in their work"
Hannes Hofstad
General Manager , Premium Sports Magazines Deutschland
"Like it very much!
Good natured and professional creative team”
Peter Habersack
Marketing Manager, Kuechentreff Romania

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