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In this competitive world having a personal image is more and more important. This has nothing to do with ego or pride, having a strong personal brand is all about helping your business. This will also project a stronger image toward your clients, partners, colleagues and employees. We also make sure to link your personal page with all sites and social media accounts related to you and your business.

What makes a good personal brand?

Your personal image is very important

When you think to create your personal branding, you should necessarily be authentic. People can find a faker from miles away no matter how convincing you think you are. Explain who you are in a few words. A good exercise for that is just trying to describe yourself in one minute, in a loud voice. After a few trials you will fit in one minute and you will finally find what your essence is. Include in your brand image what you like and mostly what you dislike. Find what actually drives you in life by identifying what gets you up in the morning and what drives you to change the world. In a crowded world keep in mind to be unique, in fact, you are and you should make others see that. We will guide you through this process and build you an image ready to take on the world.

Other things we think you should know

We will remind you often and we will advise you anytime it's needed about the important aspects listed bellow. Be aware of them.

• Think about writing a blog
• Create content that is interesting for your audience
• Think about what style represents you
• Build your audience and followers organically
• Consider how the world sees you

• Google yourself! Do you like what you find?
• Build a LinkedIn profile which is the center of the internet
• Make friends and connections without fear
• Get in front of audiences. The podium is undeniable
• Share your spotlight with the people behind you

"Did not expect such a good job, but the creative potential inside the team surpassed my expectations"
Stefan Baums
General Manager, Mercury Brand Mission
"Always impressed by the combination of crazy, fun, edgy and creative in their work"
Hannes Hofstad
General Manager , Premium Sports Magazines Deutschland
"Like it very much!
Good natured and professional creative team”
Peter Habersack
Marketing Manager, Kuechentreff Romania

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