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Online Store Design & Development

You handle your logistics and we, here at the Web Design & Software Development Laboratory design a virtual space where your clients can easily find and buy your products & services. Convenience is the biggest perk of online stores, it allows consumers to shop from anywhere at any time. Where else can your customers shop at midnight in their pajamas?

What makes a good online store?

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

Before you even think to calls us make sure that if you sell products you secure your full logistic chain: suppliers, products, categories, warehouse, delivery, quantities needed, accounting, licenses & approvals.
If you call us before securing all these elements you lose money and we lose time.

Responsive Mobile Shopping

In this fast moving world people are accessing online stores from all their devices – computer, tablet, smart phone. Our Online Store Design & Development services ensure that they have the same convenience and shopping experience anywhere at anytime.

Integrates with Social Media Shops

There is a current trend that big social media players are developing their own online shopping platforms and you should be there too. We will link your online store with their platform so you can reach more people while increasing sales.

E-Mail Marketing Integration

Your clients should be kept loyal and informed about everything you do in the online store. So, you should keep them regularly informed, but without being annoying. The right balance of information is key to keep them interested and keen to come back often.

Search Engine Optimized Stores (SEO)

As with your standard website, your online store and the products you sell should be easily found. We will optimize your layout and content in such a manner that the sophisticated robots of Google, Bing & Yahoo will bring you on the top of searches.

Numbers that Help You Grow

When it’s about money, it’s about numbers. Your client’s activity on your online store as well as your marketing activities can be all translated into numbers that are part for our Online Store Design & Development services. A correct grouping of these numbers will give you a clear image of the actions you have to take in improving all aspects of your online sales efforts. We will organize all these numbers into easily readable and digestible reports.

Popular Payment Options

To get your money back is probably the most important aspect of your online shopping business. Make it easy for your clients to pay you. We will advise on and integrate the most popular, accessible and cost effective methods of online payment.

Product Review Options

We will implement the latest in product review options so that you always encourage your clients to give their opinion about your products, services and overall shopping experience in your online store. This will give you valuable feedback and will help you get better. The more reviews you have, the faster your products will be found on search engines. Even negative reviews, leave them there. This will increase the trust factor of your business.

Other things we think you should know

We will remind you often and we will advise you anytime it's needed about the important aspects listed bellow. Be aware of them.

• Implement an engaging Web Design
• Have and exciting “About us” page
• Partner with other brands
• Offer excellent Online Support
• Advertise on Social Media
• Provide an SEO-Driven Blog
• Take into consideration the analytics we provide and customer reviews

• Offer free shipping when possible
• Build a list of online and offline influencers that your customers trust.
• Engage with them to promote your online store.
• Keep an eye on your online competitors
• Use high quality photos of your products
• Offer discounts & incentives
• Encourage social sharing
• Offer generous refund & money-back guarantee policies

"Did not expect such a good job, but the creative potential inside the team surpassed my expectations"
Stefan Baums
General Manager, Mercury Brand Mission
"Always impressed by the combination of crazy, fun, edgy and creative in their work"
Hannes Hofstad
General Manager , Premium Sports Magazines Deutschland
"Like it very much!
Good natured and professional creative team”
Peter Habersack
Marketing Manager, Kuechentreff Romania

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