SEO & hosting services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it’s a very clouded wall, all over the internet. Very sophisticated algorithms of search engines are finding you and ranking you against similar offerings according to how meaningful and unique your information is. Our job, with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, is to make it simple for these algorithms to understand who you are, what you do and how is that important for the audience.

Web Hosting & Domain Purchase

Everything we make for you needs to stay somewhere. That somewhere is called a server (computer) and your project takes up space which is called hosting. That space needs an address. That address is called a domain name, that thing you type that looks like So you need 2 elements: Hosting & Domain. We will help you get this. Our web hosting & domain purchase services offer you peace of mind for 99,99% website uptime, quality SSD us servers, transparency and leave anytime policy. Even we are very good, always you can find somebody better! And we understand that.

Website, Online Store & Mobile App Maintenance & Support

Like gas engines, all our products, consisting of computer code need regular checkups, changing oil, filters & the occasional broken bumper. So, all our products, need to be in line with the latest software developments & updated to the latest industry standards.

Website & Application Analytics

Numbers, numbers numbers! Everything you audience is doing on your website, online store and mobile app can be translated into numbers, and further on graphs. Our website & application analytics services will provide your projects with accurate and very friendly, easily digestible way of tracking all this information so, you will be able to make better and smarter continuous improvements.

"Did not expect such a good job, but the creative potential inside the team surpassed my expectations"
Stefan Baums
General Manager, Mercury Brand Mission
"Always impressed by the combination of crazy, fun, edgy and creative in their work"
Hannes Hofstad
General Manager , Premium Sports Magazines Deutschland
"Like it very much!
Good natured and professional creative team”
Peter Habersack
Marketing Manager, Kuechentreff Romania

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